Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to My Math Classroom

For the past few years I've been teaching with Everyday Mathematics, which is the program that both my own children used when going through school. Like many people, when I first saw the program I was confused and thought that the traditional way (the way I learned math) was better. After working with the program, I have come to change my mind. I began reflecting on how, as an adult, I solve math problems -- particularly when I need to do it in my head.

This is what I realized: There are three different ways of solving a math problem.
  • There is the way you might do it on paper
  • The way you might solve it in your head
  • The way you might find an answer using a calculator
The problem is that the these different approaches are not always interchangeable. If you've ever tried to solve a multiplication problem in your head and tried to work with carries, you might know what I mean.

I plan on using this blog to talk about different math-solving approaches and discuss some of the algorithms that are used in various math classrooms and math programs. Many of the algorithms are the same, but have different names; and some may be approaches that you've created and been using yourself!

Please feel free to post any comments or questions as I update this throughout the school year. I also hope to be having an audio podcast and possibly some video segments.

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